Before you push through any project, it is important to consider your concern when it comes to window tinting. Are you more concerned on the energy you consume or pay monthly? Do you mind more durability, security or privacy as your home’s utmost importance? Or are you someone who is more into decorating and giving off a good aesthetic and personality for your home? 



The following are window types that focuses on each concern and it is important that before you push through your window tinting project, you know what to focus on. 

There are various window types however the majority includes three types.  

– Solar 

If you are mostly concerned on saving energy, this window type is for you. This window type is considered to be thicker than your usual decorative window however when compared to windows focused on security, this is thinner. In conclusion, this window type is the middle between the three. This window type has a role of reflecting the ads from the sun or absorbing it however some does both at the same time. Through this characteristic, this window type provides a much more regulated temperature inside your home giving your home a much cooler feel when the summertime is near or keeps it a bit warmer when the winter comes. Since it absorbs or reflects the sun’s rays, too much glare is prevented giving your furniture a shield from prematurely having color fading problem or issues. 

– Security 

If your concern is more on durability, privacy and security, then this type of window is for you. This window type is the thickest among the three and unlike solar window types, does not have much ability in absorbing or reflecting the rays of the sun that sometimes wakes you up in the morning when you still want to lay an extra hour in your bed. However, in times of natural phenomena like storms, this window type is advantageous as it does not easily break compared to other types. This does not mean that your window has a magical way of avoiding cracks however has the ability of withholding longer than other windows when it comes to cracks scattering along the window’s glass. Moreover, since this window type is more durable and is thickest, it provides ample shield from theft possibilities as well as a chance of most resistance when it comes to burglar penetration. 

– Decorative 

This window is your thinnest kind. Just like how security windows do not have the ability to reflect the rays of the sun away from your living area or absorb it instead of spreading heat to your space inside your home, this window does the same. If you are more concerned in keeping your home pretty more than having security or solar properties for ultraviolet protection, this window type is for you. Some of the windows that are on this column of use are those with bold colors, clear and sometimes patterned ones which are perfect for those who want to have more artsy feel in their homes. Frosted windows are also included in the list. 

Whatever tinted window type you may want to go for, window tint Mackay has got you covered! Just connect with them through!