You may have considered putting much effort in maintaining your house – from the roof, siding, to the floor. But have you considered checking on your driveway and garage pavement? After all, it brings so much inconvenience when you experience some issues on your pavement. Who would want to drive on a rocky road every day?

The bumpy road might be one of the signs that your pavement is experiencing some issues. However, there are more telltale signs that you need from concrete repair Cape Coral to give you an expert-like checkup and repair on your driveway. But before you call for a professional, it is important for you to have an assessment first and identify some potential problems in your pavement.

That is our objective! To help you identify the signs you so that you can find a solution as soon as possible and prevent further problems and damages.

1.Transverse cracking

These are single cracks that are perpendicular to the pavement’s centerline. It can also be in a layout position. What causes this? Reflective cracks from the underlying layer that may be caused by poor construction, natural wear, and tear, poor quality materials, etc.

When you have a less severed crack, you can fix this on your own by patching and putting some sealant as quickly as possible to prevent more damage.

2.Bloc cracking

This problem looks Iike a large crack in rectangles that is oftentimes caused by shrinkage of asphalt over time. All you need to do is to mix the aggregates and wait for several minutes to patch. Avoid the moisture or any liquid going or entering the cracks. Patch as soon as possible.

3.Edge cracks

These cracks can rave inside the edge pavement surface in one to two feet. These cracks are caused by poor drainage system and a lack of support. also, this can be resulted in heavy vegetation. To avoid this, you can start by removing any visible vegetation and fix the drainage system. Also, patch and fill the cracks as soon as possible to also prevent cracks and hoes as well as discoloration.

4.Pot holes

Potholes are characterized by small bowl-shaped depressions and dents on the surface and can penetrate deep through. They can have sharp edges and vertical sides. What causes this? This might r caused by ah heavy object and its impact or an infiltrating moisture that can also end up to alligator cracking.

You can fix this by replacing the pavement completely.


This is characterized by surface areas that have lower elevations than the other parts of the pavement. They become overly visible when it rains and they fill with water.

This depends n on the severity of the damage. If it is severe, the whole asphalt may need to be removed ad replaced, and can be fixed through infrared or applying a thin surface patch.

Other issues/damage:

  • Rutting
  • Shoving
  • Raveling
  • Upheaval
  • Longitudinal cracking

There are many different damages that you may encounter on your driveway pavement and roadways. If the inconvenience overly bothers you, it is better to fix it immediately. Also, when you are not confident with your repair skills, it is better to call a professional.